Friday, June 11, 2010


A few months ago, when the economy was buoyant and the people wealthy missed the house by the window, a friend of mine born in Neguri (Vizcaya), emigrated to Madrid and dedicated to real estate activity was found with former congressman of Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) in the 1970’s Marcos Vizcaya Retana.
Born in Gorliz in 1945, married with one of the ladies richest in the Basque Country and away from the policy since then, Vizcaya intended buy a apartment in the capital of Spain, as close as possible from the center of the city. Spoke with my friend and he showed his 'jewel in the crown', an attic located in the Serrano street corner to Hermosilla. "They Are 325 square meters. What is happening is a bit expensive: 500 million of the old pesetas'. Without think twice, the former deputy to the PNV pulled the checkbook, extended a heel and gave him a 'signal' to keep. "It is mine. In recent months we are traveling with great frequency to Madrid and we thought that what is best to have a second residence here," explained.
The nationalist political did not want even see the house. For him was sufficient the opinion of the seller, a person of manners exquisite and fine sensitivity. But the property developer insisted again and again until Vizcaya decided lose a while its precious time and go to see the property. As walked the penhouse assured feel satisfied by the decision that had just taken. Until, at the end of the tournée, came to the large terrace from which it sight the National Library, the Congress of Deputies, the Retiro Park and the Prado Museum. He was at this moment when my friend noted how, suddenly, the former congressman of PNV was stopped in dry as if it had been frozen blood. After the shock, asked to surrender the bank check and broke. Marcos Vizcaya offered no explanation to its sudden change of attitude but my friend knew then the reason for that sudden rejection: at the height of their noses flying a huge flag of Spain that former president Jose Maria Aznar had commanded send to the Plaza de Colon, less than 200 meters from the terrace.
That said, I can only a question: What devils makes the president of the Popular Party (PP) in the Basque Country, Antonio Basagoiti 'dialog' with Inigo Urkullu, the president of Euskadi Buru Batzar and political head of Marcos Vizcaya?. Say the journalistic chronicles the meeting, the first in 33 years held at the headquarters of the PP of Bilbao was intended to 'normalize' relations between the two political formations and record that 'we can talk to all without rend the garments' version attributed to Basagoiti.
The catalans leaders are so segregationist that prohibit speak Spanish in Spain

And I repeat: what can we talk with a party radically separatist, which defends situations diametrically opposed to the life and society, which is governed by the permanent disloyalty to the spanish institutions, and whose leaders have spent more than a century (from the so-called Sanrocada 16 august 1893 until today) hating and scorning Spain and burning its flag each time they have an opportunity?
The same can be said of the leaders catalans so segregationist and radical them that prohibit speak Spanish in Spain and, from it regional community, without a contitutional mandate, claim that the Constitutional Court approval it new statute of autonomy separatist and divisiveness, which denies the reality of the spanish nation, or resign. Now, in the middle of the biggest economic crisis in the history of Europe since World War II, with a country that needs to devote the Gross National Product of three years to lift head, cannot tolerate that there are people who do not have other concerns that hate the flag or prohibit the use of the language of all. Do you with some politicians who say thinking and feeling well, you can talk about something?

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