Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The ruling of the Supreme Court has been like Bonfire of the Vanities for the magistrate-judge Baltasar Garzón Real. Today when the high court decided to open trial in one of the three cases under investigation against him, the instructor of the Spanish Central Court number five realized that in a few minutes had gone from being a judge of justice Roy Bean American style, to become an indict Judge guilty of Several counts of breach of trust (prevarication).
The decision occurred after numerous attempts to avoid trial with pressure and blackmail to the High Court, banners and street demonstration and cleverly rigged manifests of alleged intellectual and renowned international jurists and other antics of similar style have served him very little. The numerous scandals that have surrounded during decades his judicial office were serius enough to remain hidden.
All these skirmishes unbecoming a judge who should be governed by the law were a vain and desperate attempt to tip the scales of justice in their favor and win the game. Despite its forward flight on 10 May, the instructor of the Central Court of the Audiencia Nacional knew that his fate was sealed and he would pay a fair price for their excesses and eccentricities.
Nevertheless at the last minute, when the weight of the Spanish Penal Code would inevitably drop it on his shoulders, Garzón realized I was living a authentic Greek tragedy and tried to escape from their mistakes through the back door trying to settle in the International Criminal Court as an external advisor of the Argentine prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo.
But the magistrate would soon backfire. Twenty-four hours after these desperate maneuvers the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court opened a public hearing against the Spanish judge with more prestige and international presence in the Media.
This week, after sending according to the Supreme Judicial Council, the judge will be stripped of his judicial robes and his symbols of judiciary power will end up in the garbage, which is the first act of being stripped with dishonor of attributes of his position that much and so often stained with impunity
This will be the first act to end his career. Because the private prosecutor of the case asked the court to disqualify him for the exercise of the judicial function for a period of 15 years, ie almost in perpetuity. Thus, she intends to return to the bench in 2025, will be a harmless old man of 70. After retirement will not be able to continue hurting so many people in such a short space of time, as has been happening so far.
Meanwhile, former Juez Campeador, as he is known in Spain, can still earning his salary, that does not remove anyone, as a common external employee of the prosecutor Ocampo at the International Criminal Court in The Hague (Netherlands). And the Spanish democracy, to shake one of their excrescences, to leave the bonfire of vanities to one of his last obstacle, no doubt gain in prestige and credibility.
Having said that only lack to attend next fall to the autom of patricarca, to the final destination of the judge who saw its dawn and now lives twilight hours, to his professional death in the Supreme Court hearing. Requiescant in pace Mr. judge.You and only you are solely responsible for yours mistakes and crimes committed in the exercise of his office.

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