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Mr. Moreno-Ocampo prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal: I note that you are a man who wake up extremely early, as all people born in the Pampa. In the early morning hours of Monday May 17 passed through the diplomatic bag of the newspaper El Pais encounter a letter dated the same day that refers you to the Spanish Consejo General del Poder Judicial in which announced his unstoppable and sudden desire to recruit to the accused most famous of the spanish Justice, separated from their judicial functions and alleged accused of several crimes of prevarication. And that against all odds was going to hold nothing less than as «legal advisor» of the Office of the International Criminal Court.
«The Prosecutor's Office, said in the letter, in its administrative decisions respects the principle of innocence established by article 66 of the Rome Statute and therefore nor the initiation of a criminal proceedings against the magistrate, nor his consistent temporary suspension constitute an obstacle to its recruitment». And adds:
«Accordingly and in response to the question of the General Council of the judiciary, I can confirm that did not warn reasons to modify the decision to hire Don Baltasar Garzon Real to serve in quality of legal adviser to the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Court».
I was going to say that its decision, meddling rude and mines in the affairs of the spanish Justice, whose jurisdiction should respect given your high position, grabbed me by surprise. Especially, because I know so badly that what happened when you are prosecutor in Argentina, back in the Pampa, and Baltasar Garzon began to open summaries in la Audiencia Nacional against the «military juntas» in your country, whose criminal investigation and prosecution accounted for, among others, to you as public prosecutor.
But, fortunately I am already cured of horror. Its absurd decision only has come to confirm that globalization is not only has become the world in a courtyard of neighbors. It has also extended to the confines of the planet some pests such as the fanaticism, patronage, sectarianism, corporatism, companionship misunderstood, until recently these endemic ills of some countries.
After read and reread the Rome Statute, by the governing the International Criminal Court, and to consult the matter with experts in the field, I thought that the appointment of judges and prosecutors in the body of The Hague was made in accordance with article 36 paragraph 3, that it says: «The judges and prosecutors shall be elected between persons of high moral character, impartiality and integrity, who meet the conditions required for the exercise of the post in their respective countries", that is, that are in the full exercise of its functions and not separated from the judicial career».
I also thinked that, international high body was ruled by the principles of Nullum crimen sine lege (article 22), Nulla poena sine lege (Article 23) Non-retroactivity ratione personae (Article 24). But in view of that you hire as legal adviser of the institution to main «champion universal in the violation of the principle of nonretroactive criminal law», both in cases of Argentina, Chile, Tibet, Guatemala and others, I have to think that either the criminal law comes to you as a tie to a monkey or that your controversial decision is one part of return to the «judge of judges» the favors for services rendered to the gunmen from the left in your country. What would be worse still.
Because, in truth, when I read for the first time two weeks ago in the Journal El Pais that Moreno-Ocampo call for the instructor of the National Audience for that appear before the prosecutor's office of the International Criminal Court in The Hague there were people who until it was glad: "It was time that that maxim that "the criminal never wins" was accomplished. It was the moment for charging to the «wizard of universal justice» by protecting and hide a part of the most heinous crimes committed in Argentina. It was time, that a prosecutor to stop the feet to Garzon for obstructing the action of the Justice and become collaborator necessary, in accomplice, of the cover hundreds of murders, an offense that could be comparable to the genocide, to be the greater part of the victims military in active'.
Because that is exactly what he did the holder of the court 5 of the Audiencia Nacional española. Disguise and silence the thousands of crimes committed by the Montoneros and by the Army People's Revolutionary (perpetrators of attacks 22,000 unresolved and 1,700 dead-cough forgotten). And to allow a band of murderers, when appeared by Spain with their guns still smoldering, make use the spoanish justice as an instrument of revenge against the Army who prevent them to make the revolution and applied the policy of 'eye for eye', torturing and sending to thousands of them to the cemeteries.
When he sent him to call for the first time since the Netherlands, my friend married to an argentina women, he dropped the tears of joy. Because what also made that judge «impartial and integrated to charter full» a few years ago was pretend that grim a criminal case against the former president of his country, Maria Estela (Isabelita) Martínez de Peron, responsible with his minister of Social Welfare Jose Lopez Rega called The Wizard of the creation of the Triple A, author by action or omission of other 1,500 murders whose corpses are still demanding justice. And when many affected sensed that the order Justice was go-ing to reach the two sides in Argentina, the «Supreme judge» left that the former fist lady escape to Buenos Aires without a single charge. Revealing, as has happened in the past 22 years, that the rule of law that defends the holder of the Flaming Sword of the Archangel San Gabriel, as he called until recently El Pais, is the Law of the strong,the Law of powerful and the Law of people who bribe him with honorary doctorates and some other advantage
Mr Moreno-Ocampo: As you, the bearer of such wisdom innate I suppose that does not ignore that don Baltasar Garzon Real is accused in Spain to open a cause generalis prohibited by the Constitution; by assume to knowingly powers that corresponded to the Supreme Court; to apply retroactively the crimes of genocide, torture and disappearances, undermining the already cited articles 23, 24 and 25 of the Rome Statute. But, in particular, to «arouse» of their tombs to the general Francisco Franco and their fellows (34 ministers and generals) all of them died many years ago to sit on the bench.
And because, demonstrating a destitute intellectual and a supine ignorance, tried to repeal an Amnesty Law passed by unanimity of the two legislative chambers, which emaning from the will of the people; a law that was imposed on the party Union of Democratic Center, in power, by the pressures of generalized left after two years of struggle, which left dozens dead and that benefited exclusively to ETA, Grapo and Frap terrorists groups; to anarchists, hundreds of radical ex-tremists and not a single Franco’s supporters (as happened with the argentina Ley de Punto Final the leaders of the dictatorship, which were all dead, had been granted an amnesty for themselves in 1964, nor in 1977). Garzon commit-ted this barbarity in order to prosecute some corpses without taking into account that criminal responsibility goes with the death.
A judicial action, as absurd and reckless, could only have been implemented, as assured the former president of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Manuel Jimé-nez of Parga, «for a judge that it had suffered a mental illness transitory» and whose irregularities judicial of all kinds are counted by the number of summa-ries maded. «Garzón was invented everything or almost everything», went on to say it one of its best friends, the judge left-wing now deceased Joaquin Navarro Estevan.
Despite these evidence, you apply the article 66 of the Rome Statute (Is presumed that a person is innocent until proved guilty before the Court in accordance with the applicable law) and becomes his right hand to Mr. Garzón whose causes three criminal cases have been admitted each of them with the unanimity of the five judges of the Supreme Court (15 in total), which is going to be tried and almost certainly sentenced based on the principle that no judicial court can go against their own acts.
So there you if you put the wolf to care for the sheep. The insanity of that speaks Jiménez of Parga, like the illness of the altitude, I understand that it is spread. So with a judge who is devoted to judge the dead people (celebrating the Final Judgment with the book of Revelation in his hands) and to undermine all the laws thereto and for having, I’m not surprised that any day I learned by newspaper El Pais that you has «risen» of his tomb to Al Capone and what is sitting next to you, imparting Justice in the International Criminal Court. Taking as «legal advisor» to a character so shocking and known his recent love for necrophilia or, rather, to the necrofagia judicial, any nonsense could come as far as possible. At the end, after all, Alfonso Capone is as innocent as Baltasar Garzon: to the mafia of Chicago only could be proved the violation of the Taxes Law for a noble cause, give drink to that suffers thirst.

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